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woman dancing beneath a canyon moon at twilight

wake up to wonder

We believe that multisensory experiences in nature—watching the belly of a full moon rise in a canyon, breathing in the woody smell of pines after the rain, hearing the first hoots of owls at dusk—bring us back into our bodies, connect us to our humanness, and deepen our awareness of how interdependent we all are.

Golden, copper, & rose colored seaside cliffs beneath a blue sky
Golden, copper, & rose colored seaside cliffs beneath a blue sky
A half moon dangling over golden seaside cliffs
Wild Awake curates immersive outdoor learning experiences that bring us closer to the earth, each other, and ourselves.

This fall, wrap yourself in moon magic

After a season of plunging in as many alpine lakes as we can, foraging gifts from the sea, painting with indigo, basking in ocean sounds, and singing through the rain, we are ready to root down, lay our backs on the loamy earth, and go lunar. 

Our moon (and lest we forget the colorful moons on our other beloved planets!) will always be a constant beacon for us in the skies – from pounding mochi as a child under the light of a harvest moon to waiting as adults with bated breath for moonrise to emerge over Death Valley’s dusty plains...

Join us in deep spacetime

When we love the Earth, we are able to love ourselves more fully. I believe this. The ancestors taught me it was so.

Bell Hooks

Curious what a Wild Awake program looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like? 

Sounds of the Earth

Music that echoes our love of the cosmos 

The Coast playlist on Spotify
Tree Beings playlist on Spotify
The Sea playlis on Spotify

Join us for a moonrise hike

Thursday Dec 8, 2022 / 5:30 pm

Precipita Park, San Francisco

Come make new friends and marvel as the first moon of winter rises over the Bay.

teenagers meditating peacefully in a park during sunset
Join us in building a more just & beautiful world

Awe and wonder should be accessible to all, yet outdoor learning is often out of reach for low-income communities of color. That's why we need your help! From November until the end of the year, we are fundraising with the goal of expanding our programs to more youth of color while creating a sustainable future for our team.

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San Francisco, CA 

Wild Awake is a fiscally sponsored project of Possibility Labs, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are located on the unceded ancestral lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone, who are the original inhabitants of the San Francisco Peninsula. We are honored to call this place our home, and are committed to centering the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples.