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Being Blue /

/ Seaside Watercolors Workshop

Baker Beach / September 11, 2022

Photo by Alex Favale

Our deepest expressions of blue

Intuitive Painting with Indigo Ink

“Blue is the color of longing for the distances you never arrive in,” writes author Rebecca Solnit. Under an azure sky, we scout for the hazy mountaintop on the horizon; we’re silenced by a great blue heron at twilight, delighted by elderberry jam stains; and when the gentle eye of a blue whale meets our gaze, we exclaim in wonder; our pale blue dot pulsing with feeling in a sea of space.

Using indigo ink as a medium, Bay Area-based artist Michelle Favin will share her abstract, intuitive painting practice, inviting us to explore our myriad relationships to the color blue in the world around us. Instead of copying the blue landscape we see, we will learn how to bridge the distance between our blue-hued yearnings and the paper, while sitting by the ocean.

Through storytelling, meditation, and painting practices, we collectively explored:

  • our unique, multi-sensory perceptions and expressions of blue

  • the texture and dimensions of our “blue memories” through indigo ink

  • the intuitive, emotional process of releasing expectations and embracing imperfection

Deep blue water droplets
Artist Michelle Favin

About the Artist

Michelle Favin uses primarily natural pigments in her work and pulls stylistic and thematic inspiration from her mixed lineage of Korean, American, and Eastern European. She paints from a deep commitment to equity and believes that visual storytelling and creative expression is core to the reimagining of a more empathetic, compassionate, and socially just world.


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