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Expansive Skies /

/ Activist Minds

Tilden Regional Park / June 16-19, 2021

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Wild Awake's inaugural program, Expansive Skies, Activist Minds, took place in the summer of 2021 at Tilden Regional Park. 

With guest facilitators Dr. Sarah Ballard, an astronomer, and Lilian Caylee Wang, a poet, students stargazed together in a park, learned about the potential for life on other planets, and articulated their vision for a more beautiful and just world through poetry. 

Student Outcomes Included: 

  • An enduring understanding that there are many ways of knowing and making sense of human life—science, art, philosophy, & ethics—and an appreciation for this intersectional way of understanding our place in the universe.

  • An introductory ability to express themselves through the medium of poetry 

  • Empathy, joy, and wonder for each other and the natural world

Guest Facilitators

Lilian Caylee Wang

Lillian is a poet whose work has been published in the New York Times, the Bold Italic, McSweeneys and more. She is also a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in simplifying complex concepts and working with large amounts of information. Before working at Stripe, she designed for health and financial benefits at Gusto; created end-to-end product experiences for ConductorOne; advised Northbeam; and more. She spends my time creating in other mediums, including handbag design, sketching, painting, and writing about culture, food, and the intersection of the two.

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