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/ singing with the sea

San Francisco / September 18, 2022

Photo by Gabriel Dizzi

In this voice, in this song, we belong. 

“Sound is sea: pattern lapping pattern,” wrote poet Ronald Johnson. Something inside of us is stirred alive by the sounds of nature: wind rippling waves at dusk, birds fluttering their wings on the way home to seaside cliffs, whale songs traveling through ocean for hundreds of miles. Through singing, we too can participate in this symphony, threading our bodies with other animals, the land, and the sea.

In this introductory singing workshop, vocal coach & singer-songwriter Jessica Sirena will lead us in exploring the power of our voice in tune with the rhythms of the seascape around us. Through mindful embodiment, vocal exploration exercises, and singing alongside others in a song circle, we walked away from this experience with:

  • a deeper appreciation for the healing capacities of singing in nature

  • greater confidence in using our voice for authentic self-expression

  • greater awareness of how our voices resonate with the sounds and acoustic textures of our ocean environment

Together, we tapped into the transformative power of music & sound, vibrating with the world around us.

About the Artist

Jessica Sirena is a singer, songwriter, and vocal coach who is passionate about authenticity, demystifying the singing journey, the healing power of music, the intersection of voice and spirit, somatic embodiment, and finding playfulness in the learning process. Her work centers around the transformational capacity and raw magic of voice as a vehicle for embodiment and empowerment. As a singer, performer and facilitator, Jessica offers innovative, soulful, jazzy R&B-inspired melodies to her music. She is a masterful vocalist with over 25 years of singing education and performance experience. Jessica has taught workshops on vocal activation, vocal technique, mantra, and music improvisation around the country for the last 7 years.


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