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Sun, Jun 23


San Francisco

earth, fully: tending to our garden of attention 🌱

Grow a personal eco-mindfulness practice in a 6-week journey, through nature journaling, guided meditation, and storytelling.

earth, fully: tending to our garden of attention 🌱
earth, fully: tending to our garden of attention 🌱

Time & Location

Jun 23, 2024, 5:00 PM – Jul 28, 2024, 7:00 PM

San Francisco, Bernal Heights, San Francisco, CA, USA

About the event

[Note: This is a 6-week course on Sunday evenings, starting June 23, and ending July 28 from 5pm-7pm].

A glimpse of glimmering green, a whiff of jasmine, a shimmering aurora on the horizon, a poppy brilliantly blinding you through the cracks on the sidewalk. Suddenly, the world is alive; the mundane, sacred. Through nature journaling, guided meditation, and storytelling, we will collectively cultivate and tend to our mindfulness practice through an ecological lens so that we can embody interconnection and care for self, community, and land.

Over two months (6 sessions), we will at/tend to an “earthly being” — be it the moon, a coyote family, the coastal tides, an oak tree, an elder or child you're close with, a neighborhood weed, the wind — and actively document & share our observations of earth with each other. How may building the muscle, language and maps for deep listening support our well-being, creative practices and spiritual lives? How may we wrest our attention from overstimulation and rest it with the local people & places we want to nourish?

"What we pay attention to grows," writes adrienne maree brown. And so together, we will grow:

  • A personal eco-mindfulness practice that celebrates presence, joy, mystery, and attunement with land and seasonal Bay Area biorhythms inspired by nature journaling, guided meditation, and storytelling practices.
  • A cross-cultural community of people who are investigating their relationships with land, and intentionally tending to where they are placing their attention and care in the world around them.
  • A creative offering of care for people and/or planet that integrates deep listening and cultivated attention to joy, wonder, and awe.

Course Overview:

Session #1: Apprenticing to Awe (Nature Journaling on Outer Earth + Light Hike)

  • Learn to observe and experience the outer world on a short, sensory hike, incorporating annotations of shapes, colors, textures, and patterns through nature journaling.
  • Craft an “awe compass,” as an orientation tool to support you in choosing an “earthly being” as a mentor for the next few weeks.

Session #2: Body as Landscape (Nature Journaling on Inner Earth + Light Sit)

  • Develop a personal storytelling style as you infuse your own emotions, thoughts, and experiences alongside your journal pages in a short, guided sit.
  • Craft a personal ritual to support you in understanding that your body is an extension of earth & the environment around you, and likewise, how you may begin to perceive and feel into your larger earth body.

Session #3: Sacred Places: Forest (Hiking Meditation)

  • Immerse in the landscape of a local forest ecosystem through a guided hiking meditation that honors the stewardship of Indigenous peoples - ancient, emergent, and future.
  • Share your own ancestral heritage’s relationship to trees, animism, and stories around the woodland, and weave our collective tree wisdom into your nature journals.

Session #4: Sacred Times: Moonrise (Sitting Meditation)

  • Experience an expanded perception of time, collectively waiting for a moonrise on a ridgetop in a guided sitting meditation, complete with cozy blankets and hot cocoa.
  • Group check-in and journal on how your ritual and how time has altered your relationship with the earthly being you have chosen to at/tend to, including your inner and outer earth observations.

Session #5: Tending the Garden (Creative Writing)

  • Creatively dreamstorm and write into a future, where your earthly being has been at/tended to for multiple generations: what does this world look like? What can you smell, touch, taste, see? How do you imagine this practice spiraling in impact beyond this place and time?

Session #6: Bloom into Being (Oral Storytelling)

  • Share your stories for the future and reflect, how fully attending to the inner and outer earth around you, has changed the way you experience time, space, and a sense of interconnection.
  • Celebrate and offer up the “earth, fully” practice of care you have cultivated for the last few weeks to our community.

Workshop Pricing:

By all of us contributing what we can afford, make this experience accessible for a diversity of incomes. The range reflects the disparity between economic conditions in the Bay Area, and is designed for those with more wealth to cover some of the costs of those with less access to wealth. Thank you for giving as much as you are able so that people of different economic backgrounds are able to join our programming.

As you decide what amount to pay, we ask that you not only consider your present-day financial situation governed by income but also factors including historical discrimination faced by your peoples, your current financial wealth, your access to income and financial wealth, people counting on your financial livelihood, and the socio-economic conditions of your locale.

Additionally, 5% of the funds received from the class will be donated to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, dedicated to addressing urgent humanitarian needs and support long-term efforts in Gaza, including providing essential medical supplies, food, medical treatment, water, and other necessities for families impacted by the conflict.

  • Partner: $415
  • Supporter: $333
  • Friend: $250


Please do not attend if you are not feeling well, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with anyone who is COVID-19+.

About Wild Awake

Wild Awake curates immersive outdoor learning experiences that are rooted in connecting with and caring for ourselves, each other, and the more-than-human world.

We believe that when we re-orient our attention to the time and space around us, we can cultivate relationships that recognize our mutuality and interdependence.

For more details about Wild Awake, please visit

About the Guide

Sophie Haruna Klimcak is a learning experience designer, community-builder, and Bay Area naturalist. As co-founder and program director at Wild Awake, Sophie draws upon her ecstatic wonder for the outdoors and her Japanese + Eastern European roots to design experiences that nurture a deep care for people and the planet. As an avid stargazer and backpacker, Sophie has trekked over 300+ miles of trails in search of the darkest skies, with newly emerging passions for birding, poetry, and taiko drumming. She holds an M.Ed in Mind, Brain and Education from Harvard University, has completed a yoga teacher training (200RYT), a Zen-inspired training on strategic planning for the "long arc" with Collective Acceleration, and is currently finishing up a 9-month nature attunement program with Weaving Earth. Sophie loves to meet people by a campfire, on the yoga mat, and over a cozy cup of tea.

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